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Welcome to our Summer 2021 newsletter.  The past 15 months have been out of the ordinary for all of us however, it is starting to look like there is some light at the end of the pandemic tunnel.

Our building remains closed at this time and many of our partners and staff are still working from home.  This has made things slightly more awkward, particularly during personal tax season however changes made and lessons learned over the past 15 months have allowed things to carry on a little more seamlessly than last year.  As you are all aware by now, Canada Revenue Agency has not granted any extensions for filing personal income tax returns for 2021 and, while it was a busy period, it felt a little like the return to some normalcy.  Many of you will have heard rumors of government tax increases and while we are not privy to the internal workings of the Federal government, it would appear logical that there will be some changes to come which will inevitably impact many of you.  As always, we look forward to discussing these with you as information becomes available and working to mitigate the impact as much as possible.

To keep you updated on happenings at Rolfe Benson, we are pleased to introduce our new receptionist in Lily Liu.  Many of you will have connected with Lily when you have called the office and I am sure you will appreciate her professional yet kind demeanor.  As in past years, the week after April 30th, the firm closes for a half day which used to involve a golf tournament or some other form of activity.  This year with the pandemic rules still in place everyone celebrated at their own homes with a gift basket.  Not quite the same as being able to interact with one another but still some small recognition for the many hours worked during the month of April.  This summer we will see 9 of our students off work to study for the CFE, the final exams in the CPA program.  The exams are conducted over 3 days in September and the preparation time including course load starts in early July.

We thank you for your continued support of Rolfe Benson and your understanding during these unusual times as we all settle into an alternate way of doing business.  As always, we are available via telephone, video conference or email to discuss matters with you.