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We are experts in providing business solutions that best suit your industry sector and support your success.

Tap Into Our Wealth of Experience

We help our clients capitalize on opportunities because our wealth of experience enables us to see the possibilities. Let Rolfe Benson provide you with industry-specific solutions to your industry-specific challenges.

Retail And Hospitality

We pair technological advancements in your industry with technical expertise in ours. We deliver the competitive edge you need in an industry where even the slightest edge can allow you to quickly break away from the competition.

Real Estate And Construction

Understanding risk factors prior to making investment decisions is critical to construction and real estate sectors. Rolfe Benson’s team has a wealth of experience in tailoring our financial solutions to your unique business challenges.

Manufacturing And Distribution

We have extensive experience throughout the manufacturing, wholesale and distribution sectors. We will help you improve your bottom line performance and meet your operational goals.

Charities and Not-for-Profit Organizations

We understand the budgetary constraints of NPO’s and offer efficient, cost-effective services tailored to fit your needs and support your organization’s success.


Keeping up with the rapid pace of technological advances requires that businesses be flexible and responsive. We work with our Technology clients to identify opportunities in your market and create corporate structuring to optimize them.


We identify opportunities, monitor success, track variables and implement solutions that fit your business market and goals.

Our Services

Rolfe Benson is an invaluable resource for all your tax, accounting and financial advisory needs – supported by a management team with both the technical expertise and depth of experience that rivals the biggest names in the industry.

Let us get to know you and provide the personalized solutions you require to support any area of your organization.

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