Since we last communicated with you, our province, our country and the world has been battling a pandemic.  This has impacted everyone’s lives and, while it is easy to focus on the negative aspects of this, there are some positive results such as spending more time with your bubble group, traveling more locally and forcing all of us to adapt to technological changes more quickly than we may have otherwise.

Like all of you, our firm has had to adapt rapidly and in March when the initial lockdown was announced, 80% of our staff were able to work from home with a core group in the office to ensure the continuous smooth operation of the firm.  While we are not able to see clients in our offices, video web calls seem to have taken over and the world of “Zoom” is in use in everyday language.  We have been fortunate to retain all of our staff and even bring on new staff during this pandemic.

Since our last communication, we have added a new administrative assistant in Heather Mulligan as well as a new accounting staff member in Maryam Sohi.  Many of you will know Sumako Rankin as she has worked with us for almost 40 years.  We were sorry to see her into retirement in 2020.  Sumako spent years working with David Rolfe and had great relationships with a number of our clients.  As one of our longest serving staff members, she will be missed.

Many of you will have noticed our refreshed corporate logo which appears on our website and emails as well as other correspondence.  While the final product may look like a simple change from our previous design, there was a significant amount of work put into this by Susan Tufts and we are all appreciative of her efforts.  Please visit our website to view the changes.

With Christmas fast approaching and COVID lockdowns still in place, we wish you and all of your loved ones a safe and happy holiday season.  For many of you, this will be an unusual holiday season given the difficulties in spending time with people outside of your bubble.  However maybe by this time next year the vaccine will have been made available to everyone and we will be able to look back on 2020 as a year that is best put behind us but be able to recognize the positive aspects that came from all of this.  As always, we enjoy hearing from you on any aspect of our newsletter whether positive or negative comments, all are appreciated.


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