Welcome to Rolfe Benson’s Winter 2021/2022 newsletter. I am sure that none of us expected to be battling the Covid pandemic two years on; however here we are adjusting and adapting to new variants and changing working arrangements. We planned on opening our offices early in the New Year and allowed full access to our 15th floor office just before Christmas. We returned to a locked off floor and continue with virtual meetings into February. While this is an inconvenience for many, we are very fortunate that our staff and our clients have adapted very well in these unusual times. As things progress, we will continue to keep you updated. I urge you to follow our website for current information.

As mentioned in our Summer and Fall newsletters, we had quite a number of CPA final exam writers who received their results on 3 December 2021. The following 8 people received the exciting news that they had passed their exams. We congratulate all: Jenna Buchanan, Linden Horswill, Heidi Leung, David Noort, Jade Roque, Lynsey Sturgeon, Pawan Thandi and Cici Wang. Hard work does pay off.

We’ve had a number of new additions and two returnees to our staff compliment. Diane Chung returns to us as a Co-Op student, Angelina Ma and Alexa Santiago join us as Co-Op students. Samuel Routledge returns as a CPA student and Annie Washington joins us a CPA student. In addition, we welcome Irina Slobodin who joins us as a Senior Manager. Irina is a CPA and brings a wealth of past experience working for mid-size CPA firms. Many of you will know that Tetsu Takagaki was recently promoted to the position of manager in our firm. Tetsu has been with us for 5 years. Finally, Chris Wang who is a Senior Manager with us, recently passed some very difficult exams and became a Certified Financial Planner (CFP).

As always, there are a number of Federal and Provincial legislative changes that keep all of us on our toes. The implementation of two of these changes have recently been deferred. As mentioned in our last newsletter, the Land Owner Transparency Act (LOTA) which was originally to be implemented in November 2021 was deferred until November 2022. This date will be on us before we know it so please connect with your legal advisors to ensure this is being attended to. The Federal government announced last year some changes to the filing of trust information and income tax returns. This required significant disclosure of information and the implementation of this is now deferred until 2022. Many have provided information to us in connection with this and we will retain this until required in 2022.

As we come into our busiest season of the year, please bear with us if we are slightly slower to respond to your needs during this time. Thank you for your continued support of Rolfe Benson.

Rob Watts